Sunday, June 8, 2014

Beam me up, SCOTTIE!

23a - BUMPKIN ON A LOG (Rural lumber-jack resting after chopping?)
33a - LONG WINTER'S NAPKIN (Extended cloth used for messy cold-weather meals?)
48a - BARKIN GRAPH (48a Chart showing the highs and lows of actress Ellen's career?)
69a - PUSHKIN BUTTON (Item pinned on to support a Russian poet's election to office?)
86a - SANTA ANAKIN (One of the Skywalkers dressed up as St. Nick?)
101a-PIGSKIN IN A BLANKET (Afghan-wrapped football?)
114a-VACUUM PUMPKIN (Clean a jack-o'-lantern with a Hoover?

It's too nice to stay inside so that's it for this week. Kudos (50d - PRAISE) yo Frank for another fine puzzle with a lot of neat stuff I don't have time to mention. Oh wait, I will mention my favorite clue/answer: 111d - Lab safety org.? > SPCA - I have two Labrador Retrievers so I didn't fall for that little bit of misdirection, but I bet a lot of solvers did!

See you next week.

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