Sunday, February 8, 2015

The "Ayes" have it

"I Will Not Be A Part Of This!" That's the title of the Premier Crossword by Frank Longo this week and it immediately set me to wondering why the grid featured a giant "I" right in the middle. It only took a few entries to figure out that the graphic "I" provided by the constructor is the only one in the grid - none of the answers incorporate the letter. No puns, no riddles, no funny quotes - just no "I". In case that situation still eluded the solver by the end of the puzzle, Frank used the last "Down" clue as a tip off: "Body part that's a homophone of the vowel that is totally absent from this puzzle's answer", and that is, of course, EYE (102d).

In solving the puzzle it seemed reasonable to me that the "C'est Moi" musical would be CAbaret, but of course it's CAMELOT (2D), and when I had _LA in place for "Ga. neighbor" I never even hesitated to write in the "a" because everybody knows that Alabama is right next to Georgia - it didn't occur to me until much later that Florida is Georgia's neighbor to the south, so out came the "a"and FLA (14d) took its rightful place. Misspelling KUMBAYA (27d - Campfire spiritual song) was just plain careless.

This seems fitting to the occasion:

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